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High Volume Low Speed Fan (HVLS Fan)

High Volume Low Speed Fan (HVLS Fan)

High Volume Low Speed Fan (HVLS Fan)

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan are primarily applied in large space such as the plant, logistic & warehouse, station hall, exhibition hall, gymnasium, supermarket and farm, etc.It is the first choice for the ventilation and cool people.


HVLS fans are primarily used in large unobstructed spaces; such as factories, logistic warehouses, halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets, farms and more. It is our first choice in creating large volume airflow in ventilating stale air and at the same time lowering down ambient temperature.


Creating a comfortable environment
This highly energy efficient HVLS Fan, is capable of creating a mild breeze displacing hot and humid air and in turn decreasing the ambient temperature by 5-8 °C.
Ventilation approach
In our standard ventilation approach, we will assist our customer on the calculation of airflow volume requirement and propose the right solution by utilising the appropriate model and equipment for any installation, ensuring sufficient airflow displacement, creating a comfortable and pleasant working space and environment.
Humidity Rejection & Displacement
Malaysia is known for its hot and humid weather all year long with an average relative humidity of 60% and above. If a warehouse ventilation is not being designed accurately, heat and moisture from the air will affect warehouse capability, whereby carton boxes lifespan will deteriorate at an exponential rate, causing it to lose its holding properties and disintegrate.

However, with the application of HVLS Fan into the warehouse, it will assist in the air circulation of the entire space encouraging airflow and in turn improve the overall condition of the warehouse.



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