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Cone Type Flow Fan System

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Cone Type Flow Fan System

This system describes CNA’s EXH range of ventilation fans. Whereby a CONE type fan is designed for a much higher air flow volume, wider cyclone radius and higher discharge pressure (longer throw distance). It can target and move air in a longer distance effectively by using the same or lesser amount of electricity a conventional fan utilises.

Conventional Type Fan
  • Inefficient and scattered air discharge.
  • Air discharge is not concentrated, causing air turbulence.
CONE Type Axial Fan
  • Efficient and even air discharge.
  • Air discharged is concentrated towards the intended direction.
This system drives airflow towards  a single direction, approximately 60 to 80 feet with minimum air turbulence. It encourages constant airflow, creating a comfortable environment.

This type of installation method is generally used in warehouse corridor, production line workstation and locations that does not have relatively high ambient temperature.

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