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Evaporative Air Cooler (Positive Pressure)

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Evaporative Air Cooler (Positive Pressure)

Evaporative Air Cooler is a positive pressure ventilation system equipment that can cool
down air through water evaporation process. Different from typical air conditioning
systems, water evaporative cooling system uses water to absorb relatively large amount
of ambient heat (dry bulb temperature). The warm ambient air will have its heat absorb
through evaporation process, resulting in the generation of cool air. This concept is base
on the phase transition process, through phase changes of liquid water to water vapour
(gas/steam). With this system, air can be cooled down with much less energy in
comparison with typical refrigeration system, with the limitation limited to the lowest
water temperature available.

Please refer to the Evaporative Temperature chart for temperature decrease performance according to different conditions.
Through this image, it illustrates the cooling process of our evaporative cooling system.

This evaporative temperature drop chart is based on 85% saturation efficiency.

Direct Blow SystemThis method of cooler installation is applied when a targeted cooling area is able to accept high velocity air speed. It is most economical and ease of installation approach, as minimal ducting fabrication cost and installation is involved.
Ventilation rate is calculated based on air change required for a targeted location. However, temperature across the room might differ significantly as cool air would not be able to reach the furthest point of the room.

Ducted Distribution SystemThis method of cooler installation is able to distribute required cool air volume to the targeted area. With and insulated duct, temperature throughout the discharge point will remain stable and even. This is the best installation method, whereby temperature across the room can be maintained equally. However major duct work is required.

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