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Commercial Types

Commercial Types


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HVLS Fan For Commercial

Do you want to make the occupants more comfortable and save cost? We will provide you the coolest solution for commercial places, such as the office, restaurants, theaters and so on. Our commercial ceiling fan circulates massive volumes of air gently and quietly to make customers comfortable and happy, and also keep the employees healthy and more productive.

Reasons for choosing Commercial Ceiling Cooling Fans

  • Improving comfort levels: With its 7500 m³/min wind quantity, our commercial high-volume, low-speed fans is the quite effective HVLS fans for commercial spaces. The circulating air is gentle and can make customers feel comfortable and improve your employees’ health.
  • Reduce cost consumption: With 0.36Kw fan power, the commercial fan is a cost-effective solution that could help your commercial facility keep cooling bills under control.

Official places such as the shopping mall can benefit from a commercial fan

  • Installing a big commercial ceiling fan, your employees will feel more comfortable and then they will become more productive.
  • Your customers will return to your shopping more frequency if they feel comfortable. And the low speed and quiet noise are good for them to converse.
  • Shopping mall is difficult to cool, as it has a large open space. In summer, the unbearable heat lead to the cooling bills increasing quickly. While the large air movement capacity of our commercial ceiling fans could solve these problems effectively and reduce the electrical cost

HVLS Fan For Mosque, Churches & Hall

CNA also delivers Large HVLS Fans for Mosques, Churches and Halls. Large HVLS Fans have air volume 15000m³/min which reduces 7-11 degree temperature than perceived temperature.

With our permanent magnetic ceiling fanshave the following advantages:

  • Totally silent, is only 36dBA
  • Free maintainence.
  • Small installation space, only 90cm.
  • Long life span, could use more than 10 years
  • Large covering area: The max scope of action of one HVLS industrial fan can reach up to 1800 Sqm.

Our permanent magnetic fans are suitable for the places which need silence. We believe this fan will be your best choice to save cost and high efficiency.


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Our products and services are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use. For instance, schools and halls, shops and malls, houses of worship, and more. With our strong build teams, CNA is always ready to cool down your place!

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