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Roof Exhaust

A proper heat extraction is important to keep a building cool, especially on the roof level. By removing the heat accumulation layer in the building, internal temperature will gradually decrease. A poor ventilated building will cause the build-up of heat accumulation and eventually lead to the increase of the temperature inside a building. In turn causing the area to have high humidity issues, increase in air borne particles and the existence of unwanted odour.

Proper roof ventilation will significantly decrease the heat accumulation layer, improving ventilation and comfort level.

Jet-roof Install Mode
The most economical and effective way to exhaust the heat layer at the highest point.

Roof Adaptor Install Mode
For buildings without jack roof, this method will be applied. With the same theory, where heat accumulation layer will be removed and rejected outdoors.

Facial Awning Install Mode
This is the most direct approach to exhaust fan installation, however this is not the most efficient heat rejection method since it is not installed at the highest point of the building. Only advisable when other methods of installation are not permissible.

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