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Cooling Saturation Pad

Cooling Saturation Pad

Cooling Saturation Pad



  • High evaporative efficiency
  • Superior wetting properties
  • Long lifetime
  • Low-pressure drop when the pad is wet, leading to the lower running cost


  • An evaporative cooling pad can be used for many different cooling purposes such as workshops, livestock, greenhouses, gardening and more.

Working Principle

Utilising the concept of water evaporation to absorb and reject heat. Based on this principle, water is used to flow through the Cooling Saturation Pad by
gravity, creating a thin film of water on the surface of the pas itself. With the presence of the water film, latent heat is then absorbed when warm air flows through it and eventually rejected by the water medium. In turn reducing the air temperature passing through it, causing reduction in indoor air temperature and humidifying the air simultaneously.

Product Attribute

  • Materials – Paper material is attained from ECO Friendly sources, whereby it is engineered to be made stronger with better water saturation capability, with less possibility of being crushed.
  • Glue – Glue utilise is low in Benzene and Aldehyde, resulting in an Environmental Friendly and No Odour Cooling Pad. With R&D pushing forward with the development of using with ZERO Benzene and Aldehyde for our future products.
  • Lighting Processor – What we do is whole processor lighting. Longtime lighting is capable of cooling the pad to dry fully. If it is not dried, the cooling pad will easily break after soaking for a long period of time.
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