Air Cooling Specialists

CNA Group of Companies is an air cooling specialists in Malaysia. We are a sole evaporative system provider at the very first. Then, we have grown into a complete air ventilation system specialist. Thus, CNA Group had become one of the leaders in the evaporative cooling system industry.

Moreover, CNA Group provides the installation of the air ventilation system and after-sales services. Our products are suitable to use for commercial, residential and industrial. For instance, high volume low-speed fans are suitable to use in a high ceiling place. In addition, air coolers and exhaust fans are both fit for commercial buildings or factories.

Furthermore, CNA Group had the chance to be interviewed by the China Press. Besides, we also receive acknowledgments from various awards.

In short, CNA has taken part in competitions that are held by private and government. This is because we keep learning knowledge and get more experiences. Therefore, we won a few awards over the years due to our dedication to our goals.

The icons below are the awards we have won. Click the icon to read more.

Malaysia Top Business Excellent Award 2016
air coolers & exhaust fan

International Prestige Brand Award 2017

sin chew excellent awards-air coolers & exhaust fans

Sin Chew Business Excellent Award 2018

Asia Pacific Top Excellent Brand (Emerging Enterprise) 2017 & 2018

air cooling specialists interview

China Press Interview 2018

Air cooling specialists

SME Competitiveness Rating For Enhancement 2019

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