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CNA Group of companies is a complete air ventilation system specialist. We are one of the pioneers in the evaporative cooling system industry. We provide a one-stop air ventilation system solution as well as products and services.

In Malaysia, CNA Group had set up 3 offices in the Peninsular. The headquarter office is located in Pulau Penang, the North of Peninsular Malaysia. Another 2 branches are located in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, which are at the centre of and the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

Scroll down to find out the contact number of our salespersons from each branch. You can also drop us an e-mail, we will reply as soon as possible because we check our mailbox every day. If you wish to visit us directly, click on the map then it will jump to the navigation page.

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Pulau Penang

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Johor Bahru

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