CNA Group Corporate Clients

CNA Group Corporate Clients come from various businesses sizes. Our clients include corporate businesses and holdings. Furthermore, we are also welcomed in small & medium enterprises and factories. Our clients come from different sectors too. For example, manufacturing and supplying, schools and halls, shops and malls, as well as the houses of worship.

CNA Group aimed to exhaust hot air out of a place, and cool down the air inside. In this way, people can feel cozy and chill out there, especially in this hot and moisture country. In other words, people can enjoy the fresh air and a cold environment. Therefore, CNA provides the installation of air ventilation systems to all kinds of businesses in Malaysia. Meanwhile, we also provide after-sales services to every customer. As a result, we have succeeded to help a lot of clients to solve their hot temperature problems.

Below are some of the clients we have kept services for these years.

cna group client - AIDA
Aida Engineering
ASM Malaysia
cna group corporate clients
Ayam brand
Bread History
Bubblelab Laundry
Caring Pharmacy
Cheung Woh Technologies
Denis Group
JB Cocoa
Kip Mart Malaysia
cna group corporate clients
Lee Biscuits
cna group corporate clients
Lee Kum Kee
Meiban Technologies
cna group corporate clients
Moon Light Cake House
cna group corporate clients
Muda Holdings Berhad
Restoran E&Y
Restaurant Habib
Helixuan Restaurant & Banquet
Osman Restaurant
San Miguel Yamamura Plastic Films
cna group client - sew eurodrive
Sew Eurodrive
Siti Khadijah
Chien Chi National Type (Chinese) School
cna group client-sjk(c) pu sze
Pu Sze National Type (Chinese) School
Tiram National Type (Chinese) School
cna group corporate clients
Sumitomo Electric
Tea Garden
cna group client - tj mart
TJ Mart
Top Glove
Toyo Tires
cna group corporate clients
Yamauchi Group

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