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Enclose Evaporative System (Negative Pressure)

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Enclose Evaporative System (Negative Pressure)

This ventilation method uses the water saturation pad ability to cool the room. Whereby negative pressure is created via suction of outside warm fresh air through the pad into the room. In this application, exhaust fan is utilised to suck in warm fresh into the room through the cooling pads constantly in turn creating a cool and breezy atmosphere.

Please refer to the Evaporative Temperature chart for temperature decrease performance according to different conditions.
Through this image, it illustrates the cooling process of our evaporative cooling system.


This evaporative temperature drop chart is based on 85% saturation efficiency.

This ventilation method is generally applied for general area cooling. This concept is to create the targeted area into a giant evaporative cooler system, whereby the whole area will have a gentle
air velocity approach and a low sensible temperature.
The running cost of this system is generally lower than utilising evaporative air cooler. However, if the system is not design accordingly, air humidity can be rather high hence caution is required. Additional scope is required for this installation, to ensure the best efficiency and function capability.

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