High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan

HVLS designed as a large diameter fan which typically 12 feets to 24 feets. With a larger diameter, it can move / drive more air volume to create a turbulent air movement to particular stationary air. While create air turbulent movement to the stationary / stagnant air, it breaks up the moisture saturated boundary layer / sweat which surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce better wind chill effect to human skin.

This velocity chart based on 24 feets diameter HVLS with 7 meters height

HVLS fan system is recommend to apply at fully open, semi open, or ventilated shielded building which only consist of minor heat factors been generating through out time. 

The air turbulent create by HVLS fan between 4000 sqf ~ 8000sqf coverage(depends on diameter size).

Maintenance free, longer life span, lower power consumption become the key of choice.

Minimal flow turbulent blind spot at it’s install height.

At such height, it give an advantage to save space from those industrial stand fan on floor, which mean better layout arrangement.

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