Cone Type Flow Fan System (Generates Air Movement)

Cone type flow fan system is highlighted to particular fan type which called CONE type fan.
It is suitable for a place that is big and wide, as well as less air flowing.
This is because only a single blow start point can make a higher flow of volume, longer distance, and wider cyclone radius flow.
Moreover, it creates a single throw direction with a much better power consumption to airflow volume ratio.
Besides, this system can act as a booster fan to further any treat conditioned air throw distance.

Non-CONE Type

The non-Cone Type fan is not efficient to transfer the air volume from entry to exit point.
Second, the discharge flow pattern is not concentrated, it could not reach aimed direction.

cone type flow fan


Cone Type fans can transfer the air volume transfer from entry to exit point efficiently.
Besides, the discharge flow pattern is concentrated toward the aimed direction.

cone type flow fan

This system drives airflow for any stationary/stagnant air condition.
It can drive a significant airflow throw distance of approximately 60 ~ 80 feet if using the largest model.
Hence, you can feel the wide mid-gentle flow feel in the designated direction.

The primary system target solution is the racking system corridor, island work station, line production station, and mobile set.

cone type flow fan

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