Roof Exhaust (Generates Air Exhaust)

Cone Type Flow Fan Roof Exhaust System

Roof Exhaust is an air ventilation system suitable for all buildings’ roof height levels.
Buildings’ roof height level is known as the heat accumulates layer section.
For example, if it is a production factory, the machines will release heat and dust into the air.
Then, it will stay in the building and cause a few problems.
In other words, heat will stay under the roof of the building if there is no way to get it out.
Therefore, it is important to have a proper extraction process for the heat accumulates layer section.
This is because a poor exhaust system will eventually lead to a few problems.
They are temperature raising of inner building, odor problem, airborne dust particle problem, and stagnant moisture problem.

Proper roof ventilation will greatly lower the temperature of the heat accumulation layer in the building.

roof exhaust

Jet-roof Install Mode

The most economy and effective way to exhaust heat layer at the highest point.

Roof Adaptor Install Mode

Suitable for buildings without jet-roof
Could have the highest building heat accumulate layer’s exhaust point if wish

roof exhaust
roof exhaust

Facial Awning Install Mode

The most economic way of installation
Moderate exhaust efficiency of heat accumulates layer

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