Application of Air Ventilation System

CNA Group provides you one-stop air ventilation solution for cooling down your place.
What is the application of air ventilation to your place?
How does the air ventilation work in your place?
Let’s find out!

application of air ventilation

The air ventilation system will generate fresh air either with or without a pre-cooled process. It will reduce the possible heat factors in the air exchange process in order to eliminate heat that is gathered in the surroundings. As a result, this will helps to improve the efficiency of the air ventilation rate. 

application of air ventilation

In the air ventilation system, there will have a healthy airflow movement to a particular air stagnant area. Then, it will return to a lower sensible temperature to ambiance temperature of the human body. Therefore, people can feel chilled and cozy.

An exhaust system will develop a negative pressure to extract air inside the buildings. This will remove heat, odor, stuffy air, or dust particles in any circumstances.

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