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CNA Worldwide Corporation Sdn Bhd is established in 2002. Then it founded the CNA Group of companies.

At first, CNA is an evaporative system provider. Then, CNA has expanded to a complete air ventilation specialist in the field. Nowadays, we have become one of the pioneers in the evaporative cooling system industry,

CNA Group has grown steadily over the years.
Now, we are well recognized because of our products quality and customer services satisfaction.
We keep moving forward because of our knowledge, experience, and purposeful dedication to goals of excellence.

CNA Group continually develops the finest air ventilation products and services. We provide air ventilation system installation and services, as well as manufacturing, supplying, and renting.

Our products and services are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. Our clients come from various sectors of businesses such as food and beverages, manufacturing and supplying, schools, houses of worship, etc. Click Me and jump to take a look at our projects.

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